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Wine tasting

Identify the aromas and learn about the Bergerac and Monbazillac grape varieties, or master the wine pairing technique with local specialities, both whilst learning about the history of Bergerac wines and our "terroir" (climate, viticulture, soils...)
All of our wines are available for tastings at the Maison Vari; Bergerac white, red, rosé and Monbazillac.


Discovery workshops

Introduction to wine tasting 7€/pers (around 1h)
  • Learn how to taste wine
  • 1 dry white
  • 1 rosé
  • 1 red
  • 1 sweet white


Blind wine tasting 12€/pers (around 1h)
  • Compare 4 wines
  • Identify the aromas of a sweet white


Wine pairing & tasting workshop 18€/pers (around 1h)

3 wines

  • 1 AOC Bergerac dry white
  • 1 AOC Bergerac red
  • 1 AOC Monbazillac sweet white

accompanied by appetisers